Future Headline 146

Gutless Depraved Reprobates Actus Reus Scuppered,  Wily Intrepid Captive Delivers Degenerates Nefarious Machinations, Crowning Coup De Grace.


Future Headline 145

Current Confederate Collective Containing Congress, Committees, Corporations & Coaxing Ex-Colleagues Competency’s Curved & Curled. Coherent Conjunctive Calculations Concerning Coming Cost-cut Calamity Clearly Contrived. Cryptic Conclusion, Commoner Class Cumulative Commodity Caches.

Future Headline 144

Dow’s Definite Drive Deepens under Deceptive Devalued Dollar Dumps. Destined Descent to Devastation and Doom Due to Dullard’s Daft Diminution Decision.

Future Headline 143

Pew Publishes Paper on Press’s Pundit Plague Pushing Public from Permuted Programs Propagandist Preaching.

Future Headline 142

Ecumenically Embattled Dichotomous Confrères Boxed Economic Ideologies, Barrier to Practical Progress.

Future Headline 141

Pathetically Pietistic Pact Pledged Politicians Policies, Place Populaces in Piteous Position of Perpetual Poverty Panic, Pushing Public to Prospicient Practices. A Pluralized Patsy Punishment, so the Planned Perpetration of Plunderings by the Privileged Players Persists.

Future Headline 140

Government’s and Greed Groups Grab from Greek Garage Sale, Gaining Ground and Gold by Globalization’s Growing Graft.